Fairs / Workshops/ Exihibitions 2024

The result of the competition Swedish Championship (SM) in saddelmaking will be showed  April 12 in Stockholm, Sweden, address: Speditionsvägen 14, 14250 Skogås. The time shedule is not ready but will be published on this page soon as information is available.        Info from Sadelmakarnas Branchorganisasjon).


The Rockey Mountain Leather Trade Show is arranged in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA from May 17th through 19th, 2024. This arrangement have also the World Leather Debut Exhibition as is open for every interested. More information via: www.leathercraftersjournal.com   (info from LCSJ  Number  1, January/February 2024)

North-Norwegian Wilderness Fair will be arranged  June 14-16, 2024. More information via: https://villmarksmessen-bardu.no                                                                                   ( info from net)

4 International Leather Craft Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan will be arranged from June 26 through July 2, 2024. The exhibition is open to all interested leathercrafter/artist from the whole world.More information via: https://jlca.tokyo.jp              (info from net)                *

The Nordic Hunting and Fishing Days on Norwegian Forestry Museum on Elverum, Norway will be arranged  August 8-11, 2024. The arrangement have 60 years jubilee. More information via: www.skogmus.no                                              (info from net)

The Society of Bookbinders Conference, York, UK  will  be arranged for August 15 through 18, 2024. More information via. https://www.societyofbookbinders.com/international-binding-competition-2024                                           (info from net)                *                                                                                              Biennales Mondiales de la Reliure d’art will be arranged  September 19-22, 2024.  Registration is open. Deadline for registration; May 24 2024. More information via: https://biennales-reliure.com/en/world-biennales-of-art-bookbinding/                    (info from net)

The IFOLG = The International Federation of Leather Guilds show will be hostet by Gateway Leather Guild and The St. Louis Boots and Saddles Leather Guild  from October 8 through 12, 2024.                                                                        (Info from net)

Updates will come, so keep an eye on the page.


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