About The Leather, Shoe and Hide Journal.

The Leather, Shoe and Hide Journal is a little idea magazin about leather,art and craft as became a reality in the year 2010. Ten years after that an other little magazin; Lær, Sko og Skinn was started of the undersigner.… Continue reading

The foundation of a Norwegian Shoemuseum ?.

In 2018 is it 20 years since the industrial museums in Tistedal vs.Halden open its doors. The museums exhibitions then had the title “Bomull- Sten-Sko” ” = Cotton-Stone- Shoes). It constitute  three divisions under the same roof as showed… Continue reading

Impressions from the Danish magazine Knivbladet.

The Nordic  Knife Associations has  become quite generous in its distribution of free magazines in hope to enlist more members. And not a exception with the Danish Knife Association. I got some magazines from their stand in Ludvika… Continue reading

European leather art and craft right now.

Pictures from the great leather art and craft arrangement in Shenzhen in China have this summer gone over the facebook screen. But in Europe is it not so funny by the time. It’s clear that it not will be any… Continue reading

Braidings, between leathercraft and archaeology

First little about braidings. Most people know well to braidings through that womans hair gets braided, in what is  a flat braiding with three strands. And think not more over it. But this type brading is of unknown age… Continue reading

Nortura + Norilia = a forgotten norwegian tannery industry?.

 It’s of course great that Norilia, a subsidiary of *1 Nortura  have get themselves a *2 new commodity stock for hides and skin in Skjeberg in Østfold. It supersede the old stocks in Bergen and Fredrikstad. The new… Continue reading

Something about chrome tanning and something about other.

‘Chrome tanning’ she said, when we got to talk about the magazine Lær, Sko og Skinn, ‘ you must write about chrome tanning, it pollute rivers and kill the fish’. ‘Yes, yes, I replied, it can probably be right, but… Continue reading

Free hand drawing in the shadow of ‘Leer 2013’

[ 2013-12-20; 08:00; 08:00; ] “To draw” it  is said “is to see”. Ie; the world around oneself  through the pencil strokes. You study a item or what it may be on that way. And leather crafters/artists reflects… Continue reading

Between words, pictures and craft

It happen a little here and a little there – global – concerning leather craft and art – and it must be a great result one day of it all,…but….probably if it’s wanted and something is done for it. What… Continue reading

Jim Manning in memento.

“I never knew Jim Manning from elsewhere than the book “Leather” by Willcox and Manning. And I have had the book with me in my workshop for 35 years, soon. And it feels sometimes like it’s a part of… Continue reading

Ten lost years for leathercraft in Europe?.

This article build on a article in The Euro*pean Leather, Shoe and Hide, Nr. 2, 2012.

It was a tendensy among some leathercrafters in Europe in the years of 1990’s by the union Leder-Gilde E.V. and members of the guild… Continue reading


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