Impressions from the Danish magazine Knivbladet.

The Nordic  Knife Associations has  become quite generous in its distribution of free magazines in hope to enlist more members. And not a exception with the Danish Knife Association. I got some magazines from their stand in Ludvika (in Sweden) under Knivveckan in juli this year. Of the content could you understand that the association was quite so disagree before 2016 how the Danish knife law was shaped; you could be taken to be   a criminal only you walked with a little pocket knife in the pocket,  it was written  in a managerial article in one of the magazines I received. The Norwegian knife law was/are similar; the history about the taxidriver as used to  peel an apple to lunch with a little pocketknife and as was arrested was also mentioned about in Norwegian newspapers. But it was the chairman in Danish Knife Association as wrote the managerial article in the Danish Knivbladet Nr. 4- 2015. – He meant therefore that Danish Knife Association  had to be with to form the formulation of a new law when the new government in Denmark ( took office June 28, 2015) with minister of justice Sören Pind should adjust the new knife law. The treatment was set to January 2016. The chairman in the Danish Knife Association wrote among other; “Danish Knife association have in the intermediate time not been able to get anyone in speak from the other  interest- organizations where knife is part of the equipment for exercising the leisure interest. Is this because several of the associations go with thoughts about only promote own interests to get a form of permission to carry knife?. This leaves  the  general danes without  right to carry knife to  worthy of honor purpose. This right will Danish Knife Association fight fore”. –  It sounded good and good. The struggle was about the general danes right to  carry a knife. But in the Knivbladet one year later, Nr. 4-2016 wrote the same chairman about the ” ordinary citizen”  and the “problematic citizen’s” right to carry a knife to ” worthy of honor purpose”. Then it got worse soon to understand what the chairman real meant. He wrote nothing about how  or who as should be defined as ” ordinary citizen” or “problematic citizen”; you can not only arrest a unkown  person on the street as go with a little pocket knife due to suspicion that it can be a “problematic citizen” while one as looks like a “ordinary citizen”  can go home in peace and quiet with his pockets knife in the pocket. Legally is it still that one person suspected fore anything is innocent until the opposite is proven?. It seems to lay in the cards that the right to carry a knife only can be lost as a result of a ruling and not as a result of suspicion about being a “problematic citizen”?. When you know that humans with long hair still can be perceived to be a “problematic citizen” so wonder you not over that other interest organization in 2015 not would sound of to the Danish Knife Association. It must be said to be a good health sign that not several Danish organizations got together to discuss a law which result at the instigators have faded out in who is “ordinary citizen” and who is a “problematic citizen”. * A person being treated as a criminal no matter how it matters  have clearly worse incentives to actually  act  moral and  honorable. ( *Quote, unknown origin).  And ” moral and honorable” is what you connect with the “ordinary citizen”. While that fore the so-called  “problematic citizen”  immediately get worse. And is not  “suspiciousness” and  “the “possible” concepts as puts spiral effects in move?.  The interesting question is how the Danish knife law finaly became. So fare in experience are the  Danish Knife Association at least very satisfied with the law. But what about the “problematic citizen” as also (after the undersigner of this articles  opinion)  must be included in the term “the ordinary danes”. Failed the Danish Knife Association “the ordinary danes” to the benefit of the “ordinary citizen” And was the Danish Knife Association  doing what   the association accused other interest association fore in 2015, when the Danish Knife Association not could get any in speak and the question was raised if they ” only promoted own interest to get a form of permission to carry knife?. Or as it  can be interpreted as; to get a knife law as benefit the “ordinary citizen?”.The Danish Knife Association was sending the department of justice a long letter before  the treatment of the law.  One should have in mind, if you like it or not, that this also is about politic. When the chairman in the Danish Knife Association on one side side writes about “the ordinary danes ” right to  carry knife so means  it   a generalizing or a relative stabilization  society view; pragmatic if you like. And when  he on the other hand writes about the ” ordinary citizen” and the “problematic citizen” so means  it a society view existing of a class division or a class society. And you could come to understand  the chairman’s  careful maneuvering that it also show the  displacement in Danish politic . But without that  it tells anything about who is the “ordinary citizen” or the  ” problematic citizen”. That get you first to know about  in the Knivbladet Nr. 1- 2017 in a article under the vignette     ” Nytt fra bestyrelsen” written by the deputy chairman in the Danish Knife Association, he writes: “The knife law have been active a half year. The board took a assessment of status. You have not heard about foolish things – where ordinary citizens have come in line with the legislation. But you have heard about “young in the nightlife” and “rockers in the open room” which has been taken  with knifes  which has  given them serious fines and others”. – You come like that, little by little, to understand who the “problematic citizen” in Denmark can be according to carry a knife !. It is ” young in the nightlife” and “rockers in the open room”. Particular rockers are known to have long hair and be part of the urban culture. While you wonder over who the “young in the nightlife” can be. It could be anyone and it is interesting to get more information about them. When it is reported  that they have get  “serious fines and other” so looks it out like the new knife law have questionable sides: and you wonder immediately  on if the “young in the nightlife” and the “rockers in the open room” get this fines for carry the same knifes as members of the Danish Knife Association felt themselves  criminalized by of the earlier knife law?. And not least; “serious fines” may means “big fines”  between “young in the nightlife” and rockers in the open room”; it is groups as not exactly are  are know to be money strong – and as such can be indepted through a fine system which preventive effect on the basis of a new law nobody  knows any about. And further you must ask if they get this “serious fines” because of theire interest to carry a knife with other ” worthy of honor purpose” than the ones you can find in Danish or the Nordic Knife Associations with theire conservative and traditional perceptions of what a knife is and how to carry it. The interest at hipsters, rappers, rockers and punkers and other groups  with roots in the urban culture is/can be a totally other than the one the Knife Associations promote. And be more about the interest for a knife as an object through ideas as “cool” or “fat” instead of the material, making, buying and selling or competitions. And if anyone with green hair or mohawks tells you that your knife is “complete esse” so have it nothing to do with your smithy , it means that your knife it  “quite top”. In which degrees the new Danish knife law must cause culture crashes between different groups of interest of knives and the big society needs of security must the involved  answer on. What this “other” can be as also is mentioned in connections with the “serious fines” could  perhaps be about one more category “problematic citizens”; without right to carry knife?. You could be  temped to say;  “Mr. Chairman, it can not be so many more new members in your associations on this way, even if the magazines are  distributed in a million copy”. But anyway, thanks fore the ones I got.

NB: August 1 – 2017 was it a article in a Norwegian net newspaper as told that in Denmark is also certain bandits gangs called fore “rockers”. This is a hollow remarkable use of the word “rocker” then that’s normal is connected with music outgoing or about followers of rock’n roll – or if you want  examples; The band Gasolin is what the undersigner connect with “rockers” in Denmark –  and Åge Alexandersen in Norway. But I also belive that the word “rocker” can be used as a superficial sack designation on a row groups of music interested ( as it appears in the text above). And that it must be a abuse of the word “rocker” when also crimenal violence gangs are mentioned in the term. And that it should be protested against it. On the other side; abuse of knifes that damage other shall obviously not go unattended- no matter who it may concerning. Finally;  the word “rocker” is used in this article in context with music/culture/the term prekariate / new social classes vice versa the Danish kniv act.