Between words, pictures and craft

It happen a little here and a little there – global – concerning leather craft and art – and it must be a great result one day of it all,…but….probably if it’s wanted and something is done for it. What is important to do must each make up his own mind about. I believe one of the factors on the road to this day can be communication about what happen on the place each of us live. And that means it must be a common forum to communicate in or on. And greatest potential looks it like data have. It could be seen on you-tube (Facebook!) this autumn where it was a little video movie from the IFOLG show in Denver, USA. It was only a amateur movie, not good done and mostley of interest as a example on the possibility it have. It showed that you can sit down anywhere on earth and take part in a arrangement almost at the same time it happen. On the opposite side of it all; it’s leather crafters/artists around the world as perhaps not have access as much as to a magazine or something else to get news from to find out what’s going on. And it’s easy under such circumstances to fall in the trap to think that you are alone  as work with leather or go around with ideas about it.And that can happen independent of where you live, where it’s a little longer between each interested than the voice reach. And communication, regardless of the media is important; It means if it’s  a arrangement concerning leather art and craft on one place can it be good fore other on a another place to know about it, even if it’s  “small  and local” but still global.To know about it an be the light in the darkness, and be with on to be a kind of support to others as not have come further than to the idea with the same thoughts.

It’s further under such circumstances  of interest to know as much as possible about how a arrangement is or have been, even if it not are possible to join it. It have also something to do with  the mechanism between the leather craft world/arrangement and the individual. Every arrangement stay in a strange communication with the surroundings as is big as the leather craft world/arrangement is known. And it have never been possible to measure up the meaning or value of this communication as a cultural impulse across commercial interests as perhaps is the basic idea behind a arrangement. It means that it should be mandatory  that every leather art and craft arrangement have a free text about itself on its webpage for use without some  requirements on its way to this great day as is mentioned about above. And the answer, if you wonder, what this great day will bring is that all leather crafters can sit down in the easy chair in their home and watch on the PC from any show around the world they not are able to travel to. But,…how fare have the leather craft world come on this way?. It will perhaps be a lot of different answers to such question.  –  From my point of view, as make a old fashion paper magazine is the leather craft world  not so very fare from this day. But a paper made magazine is still a reasonable choice to those who wants to write and not get published their writings in the established magazines. To both write and make a magazine can also be understood as a choice between a car or motorbike and paying for gasoline. It’s a kind of choice of lifestyle. But it’s not more than a extension of working with art and craft.

When you look upon the many leather art and crafts arrangements so is it not much on them as encourage such ideas as writing, photos or making a magazine. You never see a class or lecture concerning writing. This means in a greater scale, as to example a lost of a opposition to the establishment inside of art and craft, and a waiver of perhaps a group of interested, and the effects they bring with them. It’s on the other hand a unknown number as say they not can write about their own craft. When they perhaps get the question about it fore the first time in their life. But as looks to be quite nosy on it!. And it’s a big step to do it when you never have done it before. A class or lecture on a arrangement  could perhaps be to some help?. The promotors of leather art and craft arrangement should therefore, across the commercial interest try to have workshops about writing and photo. It’s reflected on to little. And the result is that it’s written to little regarding all aspect around leather and hide. And it’s much to  few magazines. Or as is known for a wider audience!. It should also be a task fore every arrangement where it’s a unknown magazine to support it. It could be with on to make a better image of both the art, craft and trade. many thinks perhaps it’s “to time consuming” to write and make photos. But rather is it a part of art and craft as enriches it, through the refelction it give both to the individual as work with it and to others.

The only little doubt I have concerning the great day is that it perhaps can be to much photos and pictures. The craft begin to be filled up by the,….through books, magazines, videos,Dvd’s, You tube, Facebook, Twitter and much more.The crafter stay in danger to be a stranger in his own trade. The basic media in moderen times  have allways been the good journal with good writers. And good articles. And it’s a old tradition, at least in this part of the world, to travel, to the sours of the knowledge,…in the real old days meant it years to foots, across Europe,.. and back home to the workshop. In our days a Inter rail  or flight ticket to a destination.