Free hand drawing in the shadow of ‘Leer 2013’

“To draw” it  is said “is to see”. Ie; the world around oneself  through the pencil strokes. You study a item or what it may be on that way. And leather crafters/artists reflects well sometimes  over about to draw. At least when you stay there and want to transfer a motive or pattern on leather and it either is to big or to small. But how this problem is solved are often not visible in the little media world as surround leather art and craft. That it is invisible makes that you not know how other relate to the same. If they draw or not. And that a leading company  as Tandy Leather Factory  not have one product in its catalogue in connection to drawing is with on to make a diffuse gap in the part of leather craft as they dominate, if you take Tandy Leather Factory serious. It’s emphasized also of that many  as exercising leather craft  and as also are  leading on the field and connected to Tandy Leather Factory either never write in their articles about how they make the result of this part of their projects.  The void occurs because you on the other hand think that drawing is a part of leather art and craft as again is part of a bigger art and craft where free hand drawing is a part of the art and craft discipline. And this concern also the leading journal in the world on this field: The Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal. The under signer can not remember through the years as the magazine have dumped in to the mailbox that it have been a article about free hand drawing in it as tell about drawing as a part of leather art and craft.  Or about ‘usual’ workshop practise on the field. Or: how it should be. And you know about nothing about whether it is usual  that it is a drawing as is the basic fore the subjekt or pattern; first made  on a piece of paper on free hand and  transferred to tracing paper  and then to leather before it is marked out one way or the other. Or if it is used copy paper the whole way or very simplest: a copy machine.  We simply do not know any about whether humans as work with leather art and craft are competent drafters or not. And you can get the impression  that free hand drawing not have any particular big place on the field of  leather art and craft as it is exerted.  But is it right?. And if it is, what tells it about the standard of leather art and craft?. If one were to assume that the most use a copy machine so leads it in to the question what the different makes between free hand drawing and use of a copy machine as have computer program care enough to many of the crafters/ artists tasks. The history itself knows to tell something about what drawing perhaps can be fore craft. Or perhaps opposite. Once in the evolution race looks drawing to have been with on to make the difference in the humans evolution. All the cave paintings around the world testifies about it.They were done by the Cro – magnon human,* while the Neanderthals disappeared, without anytime , looks it like, to have draw a single stroke. If they had the ability is unknown. Without that they so any use in it. **The Cro- magnon human also developed the use of needle, awl and  fine leather stitching. For about 15- 30000 years ago. It’s a long time ago, And in our time have it been millions and billions copy machines around on the globe. And to what extent they have taking over for the fantasy and free hand drawing strokes on the art and craft field is unknown. But you can sometimes hear about recommendations of such machines as with the help of  settings in the soft ware can reduce or enlarge  a motive or pattern as required. It is on the other hand inside of a aesthetic discipline where it only is two, three generations ago, before the invention of the copy machine, that it was teachers as not even allowed use of eraser to change a stroke, either to reduce or enlarge it. This because they meant it not was progressive and rather devastating for drawing. The motto could be understood to be that you should draw with the pensile, not the eraser. And it is reason enough to that you can get  scepticism against the copy machines as replacement for the free hand drawing.  A little light point in this  come  with ‘ Leer 2013 ‘ in Holland this Autumn. (26-27 October) on a arrangement for leather art and craft interested where  it was  a lecture/class? where drawing one way or the other looks to have  been a part of the program. But the reports from the arrangement have not been a way that they have given a understanding of how this worked out. But it have reminded about that it nearly never is  a examination of how leather art and craft practice is from one workshop to the other what concern free hand drawing. Inside of an art and craft where  most  practitioners more or less is self learned. It should be easy to make a examination   on bigger arrangements  where it is a meeting by “many” as work with leather art and craft one way or the other. This by a answering anonymous a simply question form with simply questions about drawing and workshop practice  . The result should be published.   Like that could it be created  a understanding of  the to days situation. It could be with on to give,… a direction to leather art and craft.

(* New  findings the later years and research resently published shows that it possible was the neandertaler as made the first cave paintings in Europe over 40000 years ago. News sourse: )  (Source**: Internet).

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