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The Crafts Fair on Rennebu, Norway

will be arranged August 10-12 – 2018.

more information on : www.rennebumartnan.no

(Information from net).


The European Leather Workers and Artists Trade Show (ELWATS) will be arranged in

Arnhem, Netherland

Oktober 17- 21 – 2018

More information about the arrangement will be published  consicutively.

(Information form net).


The International  Leather Art and Craft Exhibition in Shenzheng, China,.. will be arranged November 1-5- 2018.

This arrangement have a open  exhibition  fore all interested leather artists and crafters around the world to partisipate on. 

More information on : www.szleathercraft.com ( most of the information on this page is on chinese).

( Information from  Facebook/Net)



It will be continuos updating about markets and arrangements through 2018.


“The Leather Shoe and Hide Journal

 the little big difference in todays leather art and craft”.

3 Responses to Fairs / Exhibitions / Workshops

  • Dorothy says:

    Anyone know of any haadmnde western saddle makers? Help!?I’m looking for a haadmnde saddle maker to make me a saddle. I’ve found a few websites but it’s hard to find one that will make a barrel saddle!Can anyone find something good, or have some experience with this?

  • Alf says:

    You could try
    www. horsesaddleshop.com/barrel saddle/html

  • Richard Ramsey says:

    Dear Dorothy,

    There is a magazine called the Leathercrafters and Saddlers Journal. You will find some saddlemakers in there. I just had a leather class by a man named Bob Klenda. He also makes saddles and teaches saddle making and saddle repairs. Bob is a very good instructor.. I also think he is the president of the saddlemakers guild in colorado.

    Richard R.

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