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Welcome to a book page as not are so usual in the leather art and craft world.


Book review.

Western Floral Carving (120 KB)

By: Bob Park


Saddlemaking in Wyoming (175 KB)

By: University of Wyoming Art Museum

Essay by Dr. Sharon Kahin.


Catalouge Oslo Design Fair 2018 ( 740KB)

By: Oslo Design Fair


Pele Com Pele ( 783 KB)

By: Franklin Pereira and Ana Caldas


Naha Vägi, Esti nahakunst 1917-2017. (1MB)

Editor: Külli Grünbach- Sein and Illu Erma.


Lone Wolf, Läderarbete (1MB)

By: Michael Gârtner , Sweden


The Meaning of Ice (872 KB)

Editors; Shari Fox Gearheard,Lene Kielsen Holm, Henry Huntington, Joe Mello Leavitt, Andrew R. Mahoney, Margaret Opie, Toku Ishima and Joelie Sanguya.


Ethnic Style Design  (116 KB).

By: Serge Volken, Switzerland


The art of Leather Inlay and Overlay (69 KB)

By: Lisa Sorrell, USA


Art Of The Boot (1 MB)

By: Tyler Beard. Photos: Jim Arndt.


The Art of The Western Saddle (110 KB)

By: Bill  Reynolds


Skor är huvudsaken = Shoe is the main thing). (111 kB)

Seventeen female researchers reasoning about shoes. (Swedish textet book).

Editors. Carin Eriksson Lindvall, Kerstin Rydbeck   and Louise Rügenheimer.


Pamphlet about leatherwork ( 54 kB)

By: Lydia Ignatenkova, Russia

(OBS: Since I not understand russian is the tittle  not correct translated)


Ancient Russian Ornamentation ( 107 kb)

By: E. Solomin


4x(4+4)x4= 4x, book and catalogue, Scripta Manent V, 2015 (60 kb)

By:  Estonian Arts Institutions


The Craftsman (57 kb)

By: Richard Sennett.


Beautyful Leather Jewelry  (86 kb)

By: Melissa Chable


Boxes and Bowels ( 73 kb).

About: Rex Lingwood’s Cuir Bouille works


Artistic Leather, Of The Arts and Crafts Era (97,0 kB)

By: Daniel Lees


Limp Bindings From The Vatican Library (57,4 kB)

By: Monica Langwe


King of The Western Saddle ,The Sheridan Saddle and the Art of Don King (113 KB)

By : Timothy H. Evans


Walsall Leather Industry, The World’s Saddlers ( 90,9 Kb)

By Michael Glasson


Footwear Design,Portofolio Skills (965 kB)

By: Aki Choklat


Handmade Shoe for Men (1,88 MB).

By: Laszlo Vass and Magda Molnar.

(Mentioned first time in the paperverison of The Euro*pean Leather, Shoe and Hide, Nr. 1- 2013).


Leathers, Skins and Tools for Artistic Leather Work (1,26 MB)


( This is a enlarged review of the same book  first  t ime  mentioned in The Euro*pean Leather, Shoe and Hide, Nr. 1 – 2012).

ABC of Leather Bookbinding  (800,25 KB)

A Maunal for Traditional Craftmanship,

Author; Edward R. Lhotka

(Mentioned first time  in The Euro*pean Leather Shoe and Hide, Nr.1-2011).


Charles M. Russel (1,51MB)

The Masterwork of Chares M. Russel

A incurison in  and about a exhibition catalog.

(Mentioned first time in The Euro*pean Leather, Shoe and Hide, Nr. 2-2010).


Luis Ortega’s Rawhide Artistery,  (1,27MB)

Brading in the Calefornia Tradition.

Book about the american artist Luis B. Ortegas life and art.

(Mentioned first time the Euro*pean Leather, Shoe and Hide Nr.1-2010).


The Main Techniques of Coloring Leather (107 kb).

A book about coloring leather with use of spirit dyes.

By the australian leather artist Peter Main.

(Mentioned first time in The Euro*pean Leather, Shoe and Hide, Nr. 2-2011)


Whips of the West ( 74.8 Kb)

A book about whipmaking – brading.

By David S. Morgan

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